Our clobber

Our t-shirts and hoodies are manfactured by really poor people in 3rd world countries, but please rest assured that these kids do a cracking job.  Of course we are only joking except about 2 things – they are really manufactured and they’re good quality.  At present, the vast majority of our unisex stuff  is made by an American company called Gildan. We roadtested quite a few different suppliers and so far, their stuff is the best and isn’t purely for skinny bastards.  These things fit people who aren’t petrified to have a jaffa cake, or a box of them for that matter.  We do actually give a fuck about the quality of our stuff so we’ll keep an eye on this and if we can find something better for not much more spondoolies then we’ll switch.  Our kids and womens stuff is mostly Fruit of the Loom. We find they’re better fitting than rival brands when it comes to lasses and bairns.