About Us

About Us


We’re an independent business made up of three family members. One male & two females. All in our 30’s, all with rage issues, all love the C-bomb more than the A-bomb.  Look, lets just be honest, none of us like people very much, so if you’re like that too then we feel your pain.


We sell all manner of shite.  We pre-make things and sell them online but we also offer a level of personalisation on certain products too.  Our mission is to print ‘cunt’ onto as many items as humanly possible between now and that elusive lottery win.  It’s mostly t-shirts, mugs & hoodies for now but we’re gonna add an absolute fuck-load of stuff to this site in the months and years to come. Most of it you will like, if you’re a knob, like us.


We already have a well established sister business that sells nice things to nice people but need an outlet for our rage, hence Badness.  Badness is the slutty younger sister of our main printing business. We’ve been making t-shirts and taking names since Feb 2017.  We know what we’re doing now, thankfully.


In short: why the fuck not?

Long version: for years when faced with the darkest of dark humour, we’ve muttered the words “that’d make a brilliant t-shirt” or “that should be on a cup somewhere”. So eventually we decided to take matters into our own hands and start a business that retails filth and sick humour. We make all sorts of gifts and clothing, with all manner of nastiness printed on them. This in part is a reaction to the modern world trying to suppress freedom of speech and humour. When was it OK for others to tell you what is & isn’t funny? That shits fucked up.  At Badness we strongly believe that everyone is born equal but that in turn, everyone is an equal and fair target for mockery and humour. To discriminate against a particular group or individual because of the way they look or speak etc is the height of stupidity. However, there shouldn’t be any taboo when it comes to humour and everything we say is meant solely in jest or tongue in cheek. Humour is different from person to person, what one finds offensive another will find hilarious. People are different therefore humour is different. If you find our page & retail offerings funny, then thats great. If you don’t think it’s funny, fair enough. If you’re offended and upset that people are able to laugh at stuff you cannot, well, then, go fuck yourself!


At time of typing (early Jan 2019) we only sell our crap online.  We may venture out into the big bad world eventually if any farmers markets will have us!

For now though we can be found on this here website, Twitter, Facebook and the Instagram.  All roads lead back here though.

Physically, in real life, we have two bases – Badness Centraal is in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, UK and we’re setting up a little southern base in Costa del Plymouth, Devon, UK.

You may think that as HQ is based in Sunderland, that accounts for the Tory bashing. Not really, its just that we’re allergic to horrible bastards.  Geography is just a coincidence.