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Stupid Little Lefty sweatshirt


Been called out for saying nurses shouldn’t pay for hospital parking? Buy this Stupid Little Lefty sweatshirt and join our loser club.


This Stupid Little Lefty sweatshirt may be available in other colours. Therefore if you ask nicely and we’re in a good mood we might help you out. No promises though. Use the contact links at the top and/or bottom of the page to get in touch. Alternatively you may try using telepathy or a state of the art pigeon. We cannot be held responsible should these methods prove unsuccessful.  See our terms and conditions page for full disclaimer regarding pigeons.

We usually use AWD sweatshirts as they’re ridiculously comfortable. They’re also quite spacious-fitting and don’t feel like you’re taking a cheese grater to your nipples.  On rare occasion you might find that we’ve used a Gildan or Fruit of the Loom sweatshirts but this is only when we’re having chew on or delays with our suppliers.  For example, now and again, global pandemics can occur and these tend to disrupt the supply of sweatshirts from sweatshops.

We recommend you wash this Stupid Little Lefty sweatshirt after wearing it for a few days.  Please kindly refrain from drying this in one of these new-fandangled tumble dryer things. It’s best to just air dry it, otherwise it’ll get a bit fucked up.  Things tend to get a tad warm in a dryer and this can cause damage to the various images and swear words we’ve put on your t-shirt. Obviously you’ve got a shit load of taste and wanna show off your superb purchase to normal mere-mortals, so lets keep it nice and presentable eh?  Oh and if you’re one of these mentalist who irons things, iron it inside out, otherwise you may ruin the design.

Delivery info can be found here & size info can be found by clicking this.

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