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Fuck Off socks


For those occasions when you really wanna tell some one to fuck off but wish to do so in a more memorable fashion. One size: 6-12.


Fuck Off Socks – for when you cannot be bothered to verbally insult those close to you but don’t mind flashing your soles at your victim.

**UPDATE** from June 2022 we’re now using a new and improved stretch-vinyl so the wording stretches much better with the sock, as that stetches when a foot is put in it. We’ve also now sourced improved quality socks, with a slightly larger fit.

All of our socks are hand printed to order in our studio in Sunderland, United Kingdom, so you can rest assured that yours is fresh and made just for you. We don’t do dropshipping or use the latest NASA-tech laser printers, we use a heat press to print vinyl onto our socks by hand.

Our range of socks are only available in black and come in only one standard size (6-12 mens UK sizing). The printing is only applied to the bottom of the socks ie the soles. Kindly note that these socks are just your standard black sock that are widely available. Whilst they are perfectly comfortable and should last a while with normal usage, they’re designed to be funny rather than used for a two week trek across the Alps.

These socks are 74% cotton, 24% polyester and 2% elastane. Please do not tumble dry your socks as it could ruin the quality of the print.


All sock orders are dispatched within 48hrs. Shipping is only available to UK customers at present.

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Weight45 g