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Clown Rape mug


Bit nasty is this Clown Rape mug. Perhaps not one for the PC brigade. Certainly don’t buy it as a gift for your Uncle Chuckles.

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This is a mug. You can put drinks in it. It’ll probably not catch on.  However if you happened to be on da intraweb searching for a Clown Rape mug then you’ve really scored here haven’t you?  You’ll probably just calm down then this’ll arrive at your gaff, you’ll have a coffee and you’ll be sky high again.  Ronan Keating was right, life truly is a rollercoaster.

For all you mug nerds out there, this piece of ceramic magic is a 10 ouncer.  Awwwww yeah!  If you regularly put it in the dishwasher the image may start to fade so its better off in the sink, we find.

Delivery info can be found here . We use specifically designed safe, hard cardboard mug boxes to transport our cups and mugs to your door.  Therefore, you needn’t worry about it showing up in a million pieces.  We don’t use dodgy parcel companies either, only the tried and tested secure hands of Postman Pat and his chums. While you’re here, kindly note that Postman Pat’s ‘real’ name is Patrick Clifton. That is rather boring, granted. However it’ll come up on a pub quiz one day and you’ll thank us!

After you’ve bought this Clown Rape mug should therefore be our biggest seller. and you’re sitting around scratching your arse and counting down the minutes until it arrives at your door , you’ll need something to pass the time won’t you? Don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything! Here’s a link to the history of the humble coffee mug https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mug